6 Powerful Tools to Create a New Healthy Lifestyle.

Creating a new healthy lifestyle can be effortless when you implement these 6 POWERFUL TOOLS.

A healthy lifestyle isn’t just about healthy food choices!


Being self integral and putting your health as a priority is going to ensure you get the necessary things done to hit your health goals whether you are feeling like doing them or not. There is absolutely no point saying you’re going to walk every morning or eat healthy if you never do it. When you KNOW you can trust yourself to do the things that need to be done then you are gifting yourself the power to be successful.


Consistency is vitally important when changing your way of eating. Be consistent with your food choices, with your vision and your goals. Consistency means getting up early even if it’s cold outside, it means doing the things that you have to do to reach your goals, it means creating new habits in your daily life to create the health that you desire.


Mindset is a huge component in creating a new healthy lifestyle. Staying positive, grateful and joyful for the things that you have, the people around you or even for the fresh water that you drink each day. Creating a positive mindset sets the energy for your day. Think about it; if you are constantly seeing the negative in everything, if you’re to speak negatively to yourself all day long how do you think you would be feeling? How productive do you think you’ll be? Create positive thoughts, show gratitude and speak kindly to yourself to help you stay motivated and committed to your new healthy lifestyle.


Goal setting is key to knowing where you are heading, to know what actions you need to take daily and to stay motivated. If you don’t know where you’re heading or what your goals are how can you create a plan, stay focussed or be committed?? Goals are different for everyone but knowing what your specific goals are is vital. Goals can range from a number on the scales, a waist measurement or fitting into a particular piece of clothing. Perhaps your goal is to live pain free or medication free, it may even be as simple as moving daily with more energy. Whatever your goal is, you need to be very clear about it and create a plan as to how you are going to achieve it.


How do you measure your health success? Do you even know how to track your success other than standing on bathroom scales? Creating a measure of success can be anywhere from rating your emotions, progress photos, an increase of physical activity or even a reduction of medication. Keeping a food journal is another fantastic way to measure your success, you can clearly see the changes in your food intake, you can see how much water you have been consuming and it is a clear indicator of what needs to change if you aren’t hitting your goals. Creating a way to track and measure your success will enable you to see how you’re tracking, if you’re heading in the right direction and will also give you the data to know if you need to change what you are doing.


Choosing to eat a diet that is low in carbs and filled with clean ingredients is going to give your body the best opportunity to heal from years of continuous dieting, poor nutrition or constant emotional eating. Removing sugar, highly processed and high carb foods in a way that doesn’t have to be overwhelming or confusing is best done in small easy to manage steps. By removing 1-2 high carb food items from your daily intake each week, will allow you to create new and lasting food habits.

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