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My name is Kim, I’ve teamed up with my oldest daughter Alisha and together we’ve created



I’m a qualified chef and have worked in the hospitality industry for over 16 years. My passions include creating low carb and keto recipes, taking gorgeous food photography and inspiring others to improve their health by cooking delicious whole foods.

My 3 teenage children and I have been following the low carb/keto way of eating since early 2018.

Back before I found this way of eating my health had started declining. I was suffering from insulin resistance and inflammation throughout my body. My mobility had reduced, along with my quality of life.

Not only was I suffering from my own ailments but my young son, Joshua, was also struggling with a neurological condition.

After many hours of research, I discovered that changing the way we were eating may not only help me; but could, in fact, help my son with his condition.

I decided to remove all sugars and highly processed foods from our diet, I started replacing our higher carb meals with lower carb options and I immediately started to see changes in my whole family.

Since changing the way we were eating I have successfully lost over 25kg (55lbs), have reversed my ailments and have significantly improved my quality of life. My son’s condition has dramatically reduced, his symptoms are significantly less and his self-confidence has grown. My daughter Laura, has found eating this way has reduced her sugar cravings, has given her increased mental clarity and has increased her energy levels.

As our journey on this new way of eating progressed, my daughters encouraged me to create a social media account to share all of our tasty meals. Initially, I was reluctant as I didn’t think anyone would want to see the food I was cooking!

My daughter, Alisha, created an Instagram account for us and Deliciously Keto was born.

Our social media pages have grown very quickly and I now realise that YES people DO want to see what I’m cooking!

Since starting our social media pages we’ve been blessed and humbled by so many incredible opportunities. We’ve been invited by Megan Ellam from MAD Creations to join her elite line up of Aussie food bloggers in the ‘Ultimate Aussie Blogger Bundle’, I’ve had my food photography featured in a leading Australian men’s fitness magazine and I’m currently developing recipes for local and international companies and food bloggers. Early 2020 I was invited to travel to Bali to speak on a world stage, about the health benefits of following a low carb/keto way of eating. To read more about my Bali trip click HERE.

Alisha and I have also been featured in Figs & Feta, an international lifestyle magazine.

Teaming up with my oldest daughter Alisha has been such a pleasure, she is the design mastermind behind everything we do. Alisha has a passion to create aesthetically pleasing designs which are displayed not only here on our website but are also a prominent feature throughout our very popular ebooks. Alisha is my righthand man and is always ready to take on any challenge I give her.

Together we strive to inspire others to improve their lives through better food choices.
I’m so pleased we can be a part of your health journey.