Joanne’s journey to health

WOW!! Receiving feedback like this makes what we do so worthwhile! I’m so proud of Joanne Rigg for giving keto a go, for believing in our ebooks and giving herself the gift of health. You are truely inspirational 🙌🏻


I’m up and down with my weight like many and I’ve been on many “diets” and though they worked and even reached “life membership” goals I always go back to increasing my portions and therefore my sugar cravings increase too (I’m a big sweet tooth). So naturally my weight would jump back on. I’m in my mid 40s so early last year my cholesterol was going slightly over “normal” and my teeth were needing rescuing (7 teeth require crowns so my sweet tooth had caught up with me!).

One night last July my daughter showed me some food photographs from Deliciously Keto’s first ebook.

My daughter asked me if I would be interested. Knowing full well that sugar and carbs were my problem I decided to give it a go. So I brought “Simply Delicious” and started my Keto journey.

When I started it took me about a month for Keto to kick in and the lack of sugar made me a bit lethargic (but would differ for everyone once again I ate mainly carbs and sugar), so I tell friends interested to hang in there. Wasn’t long until I was motivated again to exercise. Besides my current career as a preschool teacher (always on the go) my main exercise is to walk (with my dog, it’s my happy place) and recently I started yoga.

In January this year I visited my GP who informed me that my bloods are good including my cholesterol and I’m down 10kilos (I never weighed myself during this time, but I could tell my clothes were looser). The thing about keto I love is….well the food. You don’t have to avoid the cheese platter at parties (yay!, just don’t eat the whole thing!) My staples are firstly the granola (it’s a must) as it can be breakfast, lunch or dessert. I have chia pots in the fridge when I’m on the go. Parmesan and garlic seed crackers are great to have for a quick lunch. My girls love it when I make the burgers and how much better is chicken Parma with almond meal/parmesan instead of bread crumbs (doesn’t burn in the pan).

I still have the sweet tooth so I’ll pick something from the “Fat Bombs” ebook, so I have something small and portioned to grab. I’ve made the coconut bars and cookie dough balls multiple times. The frozen mint delight is a must too. I was someone who would turn my nose up at dark chocolate but now it’s the only chocolate I buy (even had co-workers gift it to me). It’s funny as friends and family still say to me “you still on that funny diet?” My reply is “it’s not a diet it’s a way of eating as it’s just cutting down on the carbs, substituting sugar and eating the right fats!” For a foodie I’m really never hungry and it’s amazing how a small hand full of almonds will do the trick between meals. Thanks Kim and Alisha (and Laura for sending my daughter the photos.)


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