Simply Delicious


Have you been wanting to start a Low Carb / Ketogenic diet but are overwhelmed by complicated recipes and ingredients?
Concerned that following a Low Carb / Ketogenic diet will be expensive and time consuming?

Well, Simply Delicious has you covered! Within the pages of Simply Delicious you
will find 30+ easy to follow recipes that use every day ingredients.
These recipes will not only impress you with how family friendly they are, but also with their incredible taste and how easy and simple the meals are to prepare.

If you’re feeling confused and unsure where to start then you’re not alone, I too felt lost and confused when I first started. I felt overwhelmed by so much information and confusing recipes, too many complicated ingredients and I felt my family wasn’t ready to make the change to a Low Carb / Ketogenic diet.

Slowly I started changing what we ate, I introduced Keto variations to what we were used to eating and they soon started loving the meals. Not only did I start to see both physical and health changes in myself but I also started noticing my children’s behaviour improving and their willingness to try new foods.

Following a Low Carb / Ketogenic diet has now become a way of life for us and I’m so happy I can share my recipes with you all.